Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review: Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

Blue Moon Promise (Under Texas Stars #1)Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are exemplary Christian historic romances and there are rotten ones. Blue Moon Promise falls somewhere in between. While Colleen Coble does not have the power to move her readers like Karen Witemeyer, she still develops likeable heroes and heroines. They're just not great, and not entirely memorable.

I like the heroine, Lucy, and I also like the hero, Nate. Colleen taught me that people can be married by proxy, as in Lucy and Nate's case, and it's interesting to watch their relationship develop. I wish that Colleen had more depth to her dialogue and descriptions, but even with the simplistic style she utilizes, she is still leaps and bounds ahead of many historic Christian writers. I heaved a sigh of satisfaction at the end, having everything neatly wrapped up, all of my questions answered. I still doubt some of the plot points, like Lucy's young brother Jed's amnesia regarding the circumstances of their father's death, but it didn't distract me that much from the story.

What did distract me was the lack of coherency. Lucy is in a constant state of doubt over Nate's feelings for her, even though they're pretty obvious to the reader because of his actions towards her. I love religious truth in my literature, but only if it is done well, and I admit that in Coble's work, the Christianity gets a little preachy and feels a little forced, especially the scene around the campfire on the cattle drive with Nate reading the Bible aloud to some of his cowboys. I just don't buy it.

Overall, Coble's Blue Moon Promise was an entertaining, fluffy read. It was one that I couldn't stop reading, so that says something at least. It's cute, but not one I would purchase although I am awaiting my chance to read the 2nd in the series.

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  1. Didn't care for this one and experienced much the same reaction as you did, Carissa. I mean usually I LOVE Colleen's novels - this one not so much. From my understanding, this was a re-print of an older titled under a new name so perhaps that made a difference given it was one of her earlier works.

    Favorites by Colleen are still her contemporary westerns or her new series which is quite lovely!


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