Paper Hearts - A Valentine's Day book trailer!

So, the book I'm reading right now is called Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh published by Tyndale House. I'm only a little ways in, but I can already tell it's a very cute story of a girl who I empathize with in a few levels because 1) I'm unattached also and 2) sometimes it feels like talking to men is like talking to martians.There are moments of social awkwardness in my life so I'm glad Ms. Walsh chose to develop Abigail from a perspective of which I am very familiar.

Give the video a look-see and keep an eye out for my review in a week or so!


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    1. Yeah, they did a good job on it. And once I hit 100+ pages, the trailer made sense. It's a very sweet story with a lot of good and charming messages in it.

  2. Super cute video! I have zero idea what the book is about, from it, but it makes me think of how, whenever my hubby or I have to travel and the other one has to stay home, the one leaving hides little notes where the person left behind will find them over the next few days :-) A fun challenge!

    1. It's a very cute book and the trailer did actually make sense to me once I was 100 pages or so in. I had an ahaha moment, you might say. And the story itself is both sweet and melancholy. It takes place in a little town in Colorado called Loves Park where the entirety of the town's existence is catering to lovestruck tourists on or around Valentine's Day. Through a chain of events, a local book store owner finds herself starting a new gimmick to keep her shop relevant, hanging up paper hearts in her store that have been filled out by her customers. The way the paper hearts got started is very endearing too. It's quite a Valentine's Day book, but not overly mushy. Instead, I find myself connecting with Abigail because of her failure in love and her lack of faith that true love actually exists. I want to see her have a happy ending, just like I'd like to find one for myself. It's entirely sweet and has a softening effect on my occasionally hardened heart, so that's really nice to have happen. I hope you get a chance to read it someday!

      And the story about you and your husband is precious. :)

    2. That really does sound cute and fun! I'm putting it on my Amazon wish list.

      My husband and I are extraordinarily silly, and sometimes ridiculously cute by accident :-)

  3. That trailer is so adorable!! I'm definitely putting that book on my list! Just so cute. :D

    I was a bit disappointed that you said you don't have a post in the swashbuckler edition of Femnista! For a moment I got excited, thinking you did. My article is on Jack Sparrow. At the back. ;D I love writing for this magazine! So cool. So far I've done articles on The Patriot, I did...The Secret House (I think that's the title that was settled on) in the Halloween edition. And of course Jack Sparrow now. I knew that this edition was right up my alley. So fun! And a good exploration.

    1. I'll post my full review and thoughts on Paper Hearts tomorrow, but I can already tell you that I love it!

      Yeah, I just didn't have any inspiration whatever to write on my topic. I feel a little guilty that I didn't include an article, I admit, but I'll have one in the next issue. I'm planning to read this issue in the next week or so and can hardly wait to read your thoughts on Jack Sparrow! No swashbuckler collection of writings is compete without him!


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