Sunday, July 26, 2015

And this blog popped out of where, exactly?

Dustfinger (Paul Bettany) in Inkheart (2009) based off Cornelia Funke's work
So, I've done something almost unthinkable, but also something I've meant to do for a year.

I've split my blog, Musings of an Introvert, into 2 blogs. I feel a little bit . . . strange having done this because change doesn't come easily for me. But I think in the long run, and probably the short run, this will streamline my blog posts in a way easiest for you, my readers.

Honestly, I hesitated to post book tags or participate in giveaways or write too many book reviews because I didn't want to irk some of my readers with too many "book related" posts. That will no longer be the case and so I can post about books, upcoming or classic, as often as I like for those of my readers who enjoy my book reviews and would like to see more of that ilk! So I'm finally, as I write this, letting some excitement start to flow.

Even though my beloved Dustfinger never overcomes his longing for the Inkworld, it doesn't mean I have to stick with the sameness of having just a single blog. Of course, if I were him and could manipulate fire into flower petals while in the Inkworld, I doubt I would be entirely pleased at being uprooted to our sad, ordinary world. No, not at all, and it is because I long to write posts about favorite literary characters, like Dustfinger, that I absolutely must do this split.

In fact, the split is already done. If you look back through my posts on Musings of an Introvert, you will find that all of the book reviews are gone. They have now migrated over to this blog, and so it will be from this point onward. For those of you still interested in reading about faith related posts, movies, my personal life, and any ISFJ posts that I may have written in the past, feel free to continue reading Musings of an Introvert. I won't stop updating it, I promise. Different doesn't translate into bad, only a new chapter. Who would read books at all if there was no climax and the characters never learned anything? I am in the midst of my learning.


  1. I think Dustfinger should be your little mascot for this blog <3

    I like the organization and orderliness that comes from having all book reviews in one spot. I hope you will enjoy that too!

    Also, I see I need to make a few icons for the Hamlet read-along, huh?

    1. Great idea about Dustfinger, and as you can see, I followed through on it!

      Ooh, an icon for your Hamlet read-along would be lovely. As you can tell, I improvised.

      It'll be interesting to see how this blog goes and how much traffic it gets. I'm still not entirely sure where half the traffic on Musings ever came from. Out of nowhere it seemed half the time.

    2. I LOVE IT!

      Will work on Hamlet icons soon -- spent my computer time today doing stuff for the western cinema week posts.

      I have no idea where my traffic comes from, other than people who already read my blogs. And people looking for screencaps, I get those too.

    3. Yep, I think Dustfinger is a good fit for my literary interests. He is one of my favorite male characters of all time, after all!

      Well, I'm playing around a bit with adding "search descriptions" to the posts and I think that's already brought in some new views. But I expect it will just come as I get to know other reviewers over time. :)

  2. Good luck with the new blog! It looks great -- I love the color scheme! :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm really happy with the colors too. It's kind of making me want to redo Musings, but I'm resisting. :)


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