Monday, August 24, 2015

Classics Club Spin Choice!!!

The Classics Club chose #5 for the spin number, and for me that ends up being Lorna Doone!

Now, about this story.

I love the movie version from 2000 with Aiden Gillen and Richard Coyle. It's the epitome of an epic romance for me, beaten maybe only by Ivanhoe. Except that Lorna ends up with the guy she's destined to be with, unlike poor Rebecca and Ivanhoe.

But it is possible, in fact likely, that Blackmore's story is very different from the film I hold so very dear. This is why I'm halfway dreading reading the book because what if it ruins my opinion of the movie? I've had that happen before and really frustrated myself! So let's pray this isn't going to be a repeat of past experiences.

Ooh, and as a means of inspiring myself to read and finish this book, since I didn't own my own copy, I purchased the one to the left. It's from 1889, and yes in not the best condition, but I love vintage books! And it's even illustrated which is always a plus.

Unless we're talking Edgar Allan Poe. Then illustrations are a definite negatory for me. I'd rather read his stories with absolutely no imagery other than what's in my head. My head usually doesn't come up with quite as gruesome of images as the illustrators.

So, there we have it, Lorna Doone is my Classics Club Spin for September and October!


  1. I laughed when I saw you were going to read this. I'll be interested in your thoughts.

    I never finished it.

    1. Well, I know it's from John Ridd's perspective and he's about as sappy as Sir Percy. We'll see if my patience with sap holds out. Wish me luck!

    2. I remember thinking:

      a) this is nothing like the Carver Doone in the movie
      b) I can't take any more of this poetic drivel about Lorna

      He WAY surpasses Sir Percy in sheer "oooh, she is so far above me, that it would be a blessing for her to stomp upon my hand, much less kiss it," if my memory is right, but it has failed me before.

    3. Ahhh, so Carver's different, is he? That should be interesting.

      And I thought Percy was bad. Oh boy. Well, I always knew John Ridd had a ton of potential for sap. I'm assuming it's from his perspective? That usually makes it worse.

    4. Yup.

      I tried watching the Sean Bean movie but... the Gillan one ruined me for life. :D

  2. I read an abridged version of Lorna Doone when I was a child, after watching a TV adaptation in the1960s but I can't remember much about it now.
    I have quite a few books similar to that one. I think it was published by Blackie of Glasgow and was almost certainly designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

    1. Hey, Katrina, thanks for wandering into my blog!

      Well, the story as I know it is very romantic and compelling and dramatic. Possibly a bit over the top, kind of like The Scarlet Pimpernel, but still charming and sweet. According to my knowledge of the 2000 film, which could be completely unfaithful to the book. We shall see.

      My copy hasn't arrived yet, so I'm not sure who illustrated it, but I am excited to see the illustrations. Vintage have so much character and depth to them. You can almost feel the weight of history when you hold a vintage book.

  3. I read this 8 or 9 years ago, after seeing the Clive Owen/Sean Bean version and really loving it. I quite enjoyed the book -- John Ridd might be a little bit sappy and self-deprecating, but he's very self-aware and observant of human nature, and I quite like him.

    1. I'll probably read it in October, but I am getting excited to start it. I can hardly wait to hold the copy in my hands since it's on its way to me from Ebay.

      That sounds about right for John Ridd so I'm glad to hear he's the same way in the book.

  4. Oh wow, what a beautiful old copy of Lorna Doone. 1889, that's amazing!
    I read the book a few years back, it took me quite a while, it's quite a drag now and then, but I did really like it.

    1. I think it's the 6th printing or something, which is pretty exciting.

      Yeah, I've heard that it drags in places. I'm hopeful about it, but we'll see. Great classics have disappointed me before.


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