Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Review: For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund (An Uncertain Choice #3)

I didn't think it possible. But I actually enjoyed For Love and Honor. Considering how much I detested, and yes I know it's a strong word but very true, the first two books in the series, I wasn't holding out much hope.

Lady Sabine is wealthy, considers herself plain, practical, and hides a skin blemish that could very easily get her accused of witchcraft. Sir Bennet is the younger son of a family whose eldest son suffered great personal loss and in his grief managed to gamble enough of the inheritance away as to threaten the livelihood of the castle they own. Sir Bennet must find money and fast, but refuses to sell the family's treasured artwork and artifacts. He's a bit of a history nut, and since I too live with one in the form of my sister, I get where he's coming from. Lady Sabine happens to be incredibly wealthy and is tricked into visiting Sir Bennet by her grandmother, a woman who is desperate for her grandchild to find love. While Sabine thinks she is visiting Bennet to purchase artwork, grandmother has plans that involve matrimony. As it happens, Sabine and Bennet connect through their genuine love of art, history, and learning, and together prove that unlikely couples can find true love.

I'm pleased to say that Ms. Hedlund finished strong (I suspect this is the last in the series), and I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of Sir Bennet and Lady Sabine's tale. I think it had just enough of Ivanhoe in the story to hold my interest. Plus, there was no direct descriptive mention of medieval torture methods (EWWWWW!), and I felt like the characters were more relatable to me as a person than the previous novels.

Where For Love and Honor is concerned, I can honestly recommend it. In fact, I might even consider reading it again, which says a lot since I can't even fully remember what the first two novels entailed. There was a bit more authenticity to the relationship this time, and a lot less medieval torture. I still didn't see much in the way of Christian faith being represented, which disappointed me, but you can't have everything. It's simply a good read on a wintery day when you can curl up with a blanket and a warm cat and read for several uninterrupted hours.

Note: I received this ARC free from the publishing house in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.


  1. Hello Carissa! So nice to see a post by you again! I hope you're doing well.

    1. Hi! Yes, I know it's been forever. I'm afraid I fell out of love with the blogging world for awhile, but I'm ready to give it another go. I'll have to hop over onto your blog and see how you're doing!

    2. I'm not posting too much myself either....


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