Christmas Books

I hope to do this every year, just keep adding Christmas book reviews to what I pray will be an extremely looooooooong list of books. This, meaning 2015, is my first year, so the list will need some time to grow. But so far I'm publishing 1 review a day, having started on Black Friday 2015, so keep checking back

I will also have a little space at the bottom of this page reserved for my dear blogger friends who review any Christmas books and submit them to me in a comment below. I won't take advantage and snatch reviews off your blogs that you haven't submitted to me, so no worries there!

My main goal is to help my readers find good Christmas fiction that will warm their hearts during the holiday season. I love Christmas books and I want to share that love with everyone else!



  1. Hi, Carissa! I just posted a review of "The Quiet Little Woman" (subtitled "A Christmas Story") by Louisa May Alcott here and would like to link it up with your Extravaganza :-D

  2. Woohoo, thanks, Rachel! I'll add the link to this page soon. I'm curious to read your thoughts since I've never read this book, but have it from the library to try!


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