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This list is a combination of Christian historic fiction and any sub genre that falls under it such as: historic romance, historicals, historic mysteries, historic suspense, historic speculative, etc.

Alexander Donley, Johnnie

Andrews, Mesu
Treasures of the Nile #2: Miriam (2016)

Austin, Lynn
Restoration Chronicles #3: On This Foundation (2015) 
Restoration Chronicles #1: Keepers of the Covenant (2014)

Benton, Lori
The Path Finders #1: The Wood's Edge (2015)
Burning Sky (2013)

Bergren, Lisa Tawn
Grand Tour Series #2: Grave Consequences (2013)
Grand Tour Series #1: Grand Illusions (2012) 

Bishop, Charity
Ravenswolde (2015)
Thornewicke (2013)

Bly, Stephen
Stuart Brannon #1: Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing (1991/2012)

Breslin, Kate
Not by Sight (2015)

Cambron, Kristy
Hidden Masterpiece #1: The Butterfly and the Violin (2014)

Camden, Elizabeth

Coble, Colleen

Deering, Julianna
Drew Farthering Mystery #5: Murder on the Moor (2017)
Drew Farthering Mystery #4: Dressed for Death (2016) 
Drew Farthering Mystery #3: Murder at the Mikado (2014)
Drew Farthering Mystery #2: Death by the Book (2014)
Drew Farthering Mystery #1: Rules of Murder (2013)

Eide, Camille

Elliot, Camille
Gentleman Quartet Series #1: Prelude for a Lord (2014)

Gist, Deeanne
Fair Play (2014)

Gohlke, Cathy

Hedlund, Jody
For Love and Honor (2017)
Beacons of Hope #3: Undaunted Hope (2016)
Beacons of Hope #1: Love Unexpected (2014)

Hodgson, Mona
Quilted Heart #1: Dandelions on the Wind (2013)
Quilted Heart #2: Bending Toward the Sun (2013)
Quilted Heart #3: Ripples Along the Shore (2013)

Jennings, Regina

Klassen, Julie

Lehman, Yvonne

Pittman, Allison

Mitchell, Siri
Unrivaled (2013)

Turano, Jen

Turansky, Carrie

Valance, Brandy

Vogel Sawyer, Kim

White, Roseanna M.
Shadows Over England #1: A Name Unknown (2017)
Ladies of the Manor #2: The Reluctant Duchess (2016)
Ladies of the Manor #1: The Lost Heiress (2015)

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